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Change the game before it changes you.

What we do

AI as a Service

We offer comprehensive solutions, leadership of operations, and management of Data Science for your entire organization.

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HR Solutions

At every maturity phase, adding key resources is the difference between chasing the competition and prospering.

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Executive Education

Engaging training and cutting-edge education programs aligned with your AI adoption goals.

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Center Of Excellence

Expand or enrich your COE with a partner that can guide, recommend solutions, and efficiently upskill your team.

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Global leaders in AI & ML

Improve and Innovate with Digital Transformation

  • Digital transformation can’t wait for you

    If you wait till you are “ready for DX, you have probably waited too long. We meet our clients where “they are at” accelerating transformation at a scalable pace.

  • Leverage your existing staff

    Our solutions provide custom-designed training programs, designed to fit your current framework. Our experts assist in vetting your existing staff and developing a three-year roadmap.

Who we are


We are the premier global analytics knowledge experts. TuringMinds is a world-class Digital Transformation Organization, with offices in the United States, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. We propel seasoned and growing organizations along their Digital Transformation path. The cornerstone of our success rests with the value we place on our clients and employees.

  • Enriching the workforce and helping communities is our passion

  • We believe in consultative solutions that improve all stakeholders in the short and long term.

  • We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to earn your business and trust. Reach out today and chat with us about all things Data Science

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What We’re Offering

Data Science
as a Service

It’s time for bold action. Outsourced data scientists yield innovation, insight, and immediate improvement. Don’t wait. Launch into digital science swiftly and at a fraction of the cost with a proven partner

Talent retention
for HR Managers

Thriving in the space between academia and business, we are uniquely positioned to offer practical post-graduate degrees for your leaders. Our programs create ROI for all involved.

Launch a
Data Science Lab

If your digital strategy is ready but finding, developing, and retaining top-calibre staff is a challenge, we can help you vet and enable existing staff. You might be surprised how fast things can accelerate with our support.

Custom corporate
training programs

Today, successful business leaders gain a competitive
edge by leveraging the most powerful tools of Business Intelligence and Data Science. Accredited Certification is available for leaders and engineers.

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