Utilizing Machine Learning To Manage Accounts Receivable And Forecast Revenue

How Artificial Intelligence powered revenue and accounts receivable forecasting can significantly affect a company’s cashflow. Soothsayer Analytics built Revenue Forecasting models that help businesses allocate budgets and plan future expenditures. These models also provide companies with deep insight into customer behavior and future sales that impact the bottom-line.

The Next Generation Of AI-Driven Semantic Text Analytics

How Artificial AI-driven text analytics are already showing human-level and benchmark-breaking performance in various natural language processing tasks. This session is intended for practitioners and decision makers.

Data Science's Transformative Impact On Manufacturing

How Artificial We will share our approach to framing data science problems and insight from first-hand experience building solutions that improve processes, increase efficiency and reduce defects on the plant floor.

Data Science & Deep Learning Demystified

You will learn the intuition – not the math – behind cutting-edge algorithms & concepts. Dr. Kolluru will explore how recent developments, namely deep neural networks, are more advanced and business-friendly than anything the field has seen.

#MembershipMinute With Soothsayer Analytics

Meet some of our esteemed team members and learn about our services in this one-minute video produced by our partner, Automation Alley – Michigan’s Industry 4.0 knowledge center. Reference: Automation Alley

Data Science Demystified For Decision Makers

Data Science is an incredibly powerful tool to help businesses gain a competitive edge. Dr. Murthy Kolluru explains its practical business applications in this presentation to decision makers.